Tuesday, January 15, 2019

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Scotty Seed
"Scotty Seed"


If you told me about the music of Scotty Seed before I heard it, I would've either thought it wasn't real or not going to sound as good as it does somehow.   I really don't read a lot of details from press releases (oops) until after I listen to the music because if someone says "Hey, listen to this it sounds like The Beatles" then all I might hear when listening to it is The Beatles and it makes for a bad review.   The music of Scotty Seed is compared with both EDM and grunge and while that might seem impossible it is very much so and somehow Scotty Seed makes it work.

With these three songs, you'll hear a progression from electronic beats to alternative rock.   The first song, for example, is just a great dance number.   It has beats that drop and the words are mostly spoken- the title part of "I can't escape" comes out a bit- and it just reminds me of something you'd hear at a rave.   I'm reminded of the soundtrack to the movie "Go", particularly one of the early scenes in the movie when all the kids are at a rave trying to sell fake drugs.

"Trephination" has more singing within the beats.   It's something along the lines of Gravity Kills or The Prodigy.    It's lighter in the verses but by the chorus it just kicks in and goes hard.    I'm really trying to think of an artist which sounds like this and from the Bloodhound Gang to Foolk Implosion there is no one sound which has existed like this song before.    That, in itself, is an accomplishment worthy of an award but it also happens to just be a great, powerful song you should be playing as loudly as you can when you need that extra bit of motivation to get going.

While you need to think of the first song as having the music which carries into the second song, you have to think of the third song as having the vocals which carry into the third song.   is that too confusing?   Think of the music of the first song as being "A".   Then think of the vocals in the third song as being "B".   That means that the second song has both "A" and "B".    When you hear it, perhaps it will make more sense, but I enjoy how the songs grow and shed layers which connect them and that is somehow where the EDM/grunge connection is able to form.

"Pig", the third and final song, is a rock song with these distorted guitars, drums and all of that.   It's somewhere between Nirvana and NIN, a little Local H... bands along those lines and while even typing about this doesn't seem like it makes sense when you hear the music progress it makes perfect sense and just all fits together so well.    I'm not sure I've ever heard an album come together like this before.   Has anyone ever dared tackle such genres at the same time before and been able to pull it off in such a manner?   It's doubtful, but perhaps artists can learn a thing or two from Scotty Seed.

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