Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Music Review //
n o a h s t a s

https://noahstas.bandcamp.com/album/kick //

One of the biggest things you will likely take away from this collection of four songs is that there are big, distorted beat skips.   You hear those crumbles in the static and that just sets the pace right away for how these other songs will follow.   It kind of has a glitch quality to it in some ways, but it isn't fully glitch so I'm hesitant to use that tag.   The first song manages to keep a steady pace and if you have ears like me it will just draw you in and keep you listening.

As we go into the second song you will hear the distortion sound get quieter but sharper sounds come from within it.   It's a slow, grinding pce but it picks up and has a mechanical feel to it at times as well.   Somehow, the third song begins even quieter than the second and then it comes through louder, like waves crashing.   The music creates these loops which are growing waves and sharpness will join in with them.   By the end, it's quite harsh but it's just a sound which is always moving.

Sometimes you'll hear these drone pieces that have this static noise in them but it just feels like someone is flatlining.   If you think of those as being a calm ocean then "kick" is much more of a rough sea, what happens when the water gets choppy.   It will lull you into a sense of calm in between songs but then bring you right back up into that storm.   I'm not sure how someone would divide the time (that's not my call to make) but this would make an excellent cassette.  

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