Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Music Review //
Anne Steele
"Made out of Stars" //

Back in the early '00's I interviewed this band who did a cover of "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" and when I asked them about that being the theme song to an HBO show with Dennis Miller they seemed confused.    I only ever really saw the show begin or end after or before a movie, but I really do enjoy this cover by Anne Steele and I'm even more grateful for it because in some sense it's taking us further away from Dennis Miller. 

While I will completely understand if you want to listen to the Tears For Fears cover first to sort of get an idea of how you might feel about this EP and Anne Steele, the fact is that these songs are much more diverse than just the one cover.    At the core, these songs are pop and I'm not really into the pop genre so I can't make fair comparisons but we start with this song called "Obsessed" which is kind of a dance number with guitars.   If you listen to the radio, you'll probably have a better than I do about who this sounds like.

The second song is my favorite- "Better"- and it reminds me of Demi Lovato.   That isn't to say that this couldn't sound like Demi Lovato on the whole because even her songs are diverse, but I just got a very Demi Lovato vibe from "Better".   Also, on "Better" that beat drops and it just creates something truly special that should be coming out of your speakers.   "I Miss Those Days" is a great ballad and before the end we get both an acoustic and remix version (which sounds like a dance club banger) of "Love Can Take Us There".

I'm torn between these songs only because I feel like someone could create an EP this diverse and so in that way you want to say it sounds like one other specific artist, but at the same time, it does change enough from song to song that any singular artist who could do this has to be really talented.    There is also this rhythm formed throughout the EP where the changes all feel slight and that just makes it feel much more complete when you listen from start to finish, as you should. 

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