Sunday, December 2, 2018

November 2018 Most Listened to But Not Written About Releases

All Get Out "No Bouquet" (Equal Vision Records)

Aviator Stash "Prescribed"

BlackieBlueBird "Ghost River" (afmusic)

Cal Raasay "Rona"

cupcakKe "Eden"

DEW "dew-stortion // dew-morgen" (pogorecords)

Endless Melancholy "Fragments Of Scattered Whispers"

Free Love "Luxury Hits" (Full Ashram)

Gorgeous Bully "Closure"

Heckadecimal "Murder Tape" (Great Circles)

ICHABOD WOLF "Carry On, Crow" (The Adult Teeth Recording Company)

Marley Carroll "Flight Patterns" (Loci Records)

Meister Lampe "Low Key"

Molly Hanmer & The Midnight Tokers "Stuck in a Daydream"

PC Worship "Future Phase" (Northern Spy Records)

Planet B "Planet B" (Ipecac Recordings)

Reliant Tom "Bad Orange" (Diversion Records)

Rick Rude "Verb for Dreaming" (Exploding In Sound)

SAVAK "Beg Your Pardon" (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)

Shit and Shine "Bad Vibes" (Rocket Recordings)

Spud Cannon "Squeeze"

TSVI "Inner Worlds" (Nervous Horizon)

Tunnelvisions "The Celestial Ritual" (Atomnation)

Wild Child "1996 (EP)"

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