Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Music Review //
Post Death Soundtrack
"Chosen Sons" // //

Deep bass begins "Chosen Sons", as the singing is dark and screams come through as well.  This has a certain Nine Inch Nails feel to it, like "Terrible Lie", and it can also be traced back to industrial rock from the 1990's included but not limited to the likes of Orgy and Gravity Kills, if you remember either of those bands.    There is, of course, a certain Marilyn Manson sound to this as well, from "Antichrist Superstar" era.   Also, if you remember that movie "Repo: A Genetic Rock Opera" I feel like this song would fit in well nicely with that.

The titular line is in the song and as it gets quiet at one point it comes back full force loud.   This is a great rock anthem that I would've expected to hear on the radio back in let's say 1996 or 1997 but today it just seems to stand out too much and have too much musicianship to fit in with whatever is on the radio.   Plus, the rock radio stations are full of a lot of pop aren't they?  They don't really play dangerous songs anymore.   A lot of the modern songs are upbeat and "Chosen Sons" is not really an upbeat song.

While the images in the video are related to the sound pretty well, I'm not entirely sure what they all are.   Sometimes they look like rock formations and sometimes they look like bones.   There is more of a scary quality to them though than something like "Indiana Jones" because you feel like you're going to go into this cave and not know what is in there waiting for you or might jump out at you before you have the chance to explore.    The camera view itself also doesn't take up the full screen, as if we are seeing this through a different set of eyes.

At the time when the song breaks down quiet and returns heavy it takes us on this rollercoaster ride where you might let your guard down for a second and return to find it completely gone and your whole sense of what is real and what is not skewed.   I don't feel like it's as much a reflection of the music itself, but this video could be something created by the band Tool.    Still, this video is rather appropriate for the song itself and both can be played as a ritual anthem for any time of the year. 

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