Monday, October 1, 2018

September 2018 Most Listened To But Not Written About Releases

Please Note: I've been using the library-friendly streaming app Hoopla on my phone (look into it if you don't have it) and that's how I listen to the majority of the music I've not been writing about.  Soon this post will just be a screenshot of albums I've borrowed for the month and a paid for advertisement by Hoopla.  

Amnesia Scanner "Another Life" (PAN)

Andrew Bernstein "An Exploded View Of Time" (Hausu Mountain Records)

Beak> ">>>" (Temporary Residence Ltd.)

Dead Tooth "Still Beats" (Five Kill Records)

Fat Tony "10,000 Hours" (Don Giovanni Records)

Gouge Away "Burnt Sugar" (Deathwish)

The Holydrug Couple "Hyper Super Mega" (Sacred Bones)

Metric "Art of Doubt" (BMG)

Mirah "Understanding" (K Records)

The Rad Trads "On Tap"

Sarah Davachi "Gave In Rest" (Ba Da Bing)

Slothrust "The Pact" (Dangerbird Records)

This Will Destroy You "New Others Part One" (Dark Operative Digital)

Thrice "Palms" (Epitaph)

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