Monday, October 1, 2018

Q3 Cassettes (July / August / September)

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O "In C & La Novia"

The All Seeing Hand "Syntax Error"

Alpaca Fur Rug "Burn Bright in Times of Darkness" (Feels So Reel Music)

Anna "s/t" (Absurd TRAX)

Ben Boogz & Doc Reevez "Thousand Islands Of Death"

Bending Spirit / Quicksails (Solid Melts)


brainorchestra. "Labyrinth Winds" (dmtapes)

Bruising Pattern Split With Asleep In The Lake

Burger Shot "small town glory"

Carlo Giustini "Eden" (Bad Cake Records)

Darko The Super "Thank You BasedGod" (Cake Soda)

Good Person "Permanent Nostalgia No. 38" (Permanent Nostalgia)

Goodwill, Good Will "Goodwill, Good Will" (Mount Seldom Records)

Harae Nagoshi "0717"

Hazy Montagne Mystique "yay summer !" (Jeunesse Cosmique)

Hosannas "Picture Him Protecting You" (Fresh Selects)

Human Flourishing "Your Cosmos is Not My Cosmos"

Joe+N / Mike Shiflet Split (humanhood recordings)

Laboratory Fire / Disleksick Split (Hair On My Food Tapes & Records)

microcosmys / La Torture des Ténèbres "The Gods Themselves" (Xenoglossy Productions)

Mike Nigro & Andrew Osterhoudt "Latitudes" (Constellation Tatsu)

M15H4P "You Owe Us Another Full-Length" (Black Ring Rituals Records)

more eaze "a l4ngu4g3" (Tymbal Tapes)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL "604 KB" (Cavern Brew Records)

Oskar Karlström "Astral Bodies"

Saint-Samuel "Télérama" (Prince George Records)

SALTINGS "Columbarium" (Rusted Tone Recordings)

Secret Colors/Don Corson Split (Lillerne Tapes)

Street Rat "Life Is A Fun Shame" (popnihil)

Suburban Pets "Life In a Citycar" (Hidden Bay Records)

TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL "T H I R S T Y" (power_lunch corporation)

woozles "kidz bopz vol. 666" (Z Tapes)

Windows96 "One Hundred Mornings" (business casual)

Wurld Series "Stately and Befrothed" (Melted Ice Cream)

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