Monday, October 29, 2018

Music Review //
Lord Sonny the Unifier
"Right In Your I"

Though I've listened to this song a number of times now, I feel like I must dissect the video for it before the music part of it.    When this first starts there is a bunny (It's a human with a bunny mask) riding his bike when he gets jumped by these four other animals.  They beat him up, pee on him and even take his bike.   So, he goes home, drinks Pepto and plots his revenge.   There is a "Kill Bill" aspect to this music video in that sense, as it has a revenge theme, but it's also funny because as we cut in and out from the band playing there are scenes of violence which are okay because he's standing up for himself and it's not real.

I have a special place for this video as well because at the end the bunny has this moment after the song is over and one of the first things you see is a cassette going into a tape deck.   That's one of those moments where if I wasn't into the video before it'd make me take notice, being a cassette enthusiast, but this is a video I feel like would've been on Mtv in the 1990's and I would've watched it before school, hoping to make it all the way to the end before the school bus came to pick me up.

"Right In Your I" as a song is a blast of smooth distortion.   The vocals are unique and they just blare out with these words that get dragged out in a singing way.   It has this garage rock feel to it, where it might be something from Burger Records, but not quite along the same lines.   It's just this loud, distorted, heavy number and it's not even something in the genre of "metal" so much that it just proves that to really be loud and kick ass with rock n roll you can still maintain a sound that isn't in those distinct heavy genres.

There are keys in the song and at times it gets quite melodic.   On some levels it reminds me of The Honorary Title, maybe a little BRMC and something I feel comes out in a classic rock way that I can't put my finger on either.   Between the 1990's and prior to that, I just feel like there should be a band where I can say "Oh yeah, this sounds like Lou Reed" or something but it's just not that simple.   This is a song though that should make or break Lord Sonny the Unifier for you.   Listening to this, you will likely fall in love with Lord Sonny the Unifier and want to hear more, more, more. 

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