Monday, September 3, 2018

Cassette Review //
Greyon Greene
"Advanced Cloud Watching"
(Solid Melts)

$6 //
Edition of 75 // //

Ambient hues begin this cassette, not too sharp and somewhere on that line of if it was any less it would be drone and if it was any more it would be FNL.    Drum loops begin the next song as deeper hues come through with that ringing that makes my speakers shake.    It's odd now as it takes on this personality that could be post rock, yet at the same time because of the beats it wants to be chillwave or even minimal trip hop to an extent.    How Greyon Greene manages to tow that line between two different genres, equally being a part of and having no part of both of them is what makes this music so amazing.

There is a shorter song which feels like the Cosmic Key and it just has this pattern which feels like magic.   This brings about deeper tones now, which make me feel like we're in trouble for some reason.   Drum beats enter as well and it has a video game vibe to it for sure, but one I can't quite put my finger on.   As it rings and winds on through there is also this detective feel to it.   Remember that show on the USA Network that had Ash from "Evil Dead" in it?  I want to remember the name, I really do, but I can't be bothered to look it up.   If that was a video game for maybe like Nintendo 64, this could be the soundtrack to it.

Drums bring about synth tones that linger and other keys which make this feel like something out of Yves Malone or Make Up and Vanity Set.   In some ways, this feels like chillwave but an even more chill version of it because of it being slower.   Is there a level up for that?  Is there such a thing as superchillwave?    More uplifting tones come through now, as if they are trying to bring us to a higher ground. 

On the flip side synth tones come through in loops and then beats enter as well.   This could be the soundtrack to a movie I'd like to see.    As this continues it also begins to feel a little bit like a carousel.   As the tones and beats kick in on the next song there is this certain air about it.  You can feel the fog rising from the streets in a city somewhere and it just makes you think trouble is brewing, that some detective is about to tell you how this isn't what it used to be.     The drums count in a 123 123 123 1234 rhythm.   There must be a name for that though, right?

What come through next sound like church bells and for some reason I feel more like we're at a wedding than anything else.     It feels more minimal now as tones somewhat drone through with this background clanking before that is replaced with what feels like the ticking of the clock.   Ultimately it just becomes these windy hues that are kind of droning on through the song.    Softer now, we are back to what somewhat sounds like church tones but not quite as strongly as earlier.     Drums kick in to emphasize it all.    With the beats and synths, this ends the only way you could really expect it to end and it's just marvelous.

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