Monday, September 3, 2018

Music Review //
Weekend Lovers
"When U Were Weird" //

I find myself debating what a Weekend Lover is exactly, in terms of this band name.   Would it be someone who works during the week and then meets their significant other on the weekend to spread the love?   Or is it more direct in the sense that it is simply someone who loves the weekend?  Either way, I must admit that I like this name because it could have more than one meaning and sometimes in music everything doesn't need to be so easily solved.

"When U Were Weird" implies that I am no longer weird and I think I'm getting weirder as time goes on.   These songs begin dreamy and have a lighter pop rock feel to them, sometimes they remind me of Metric and other times they remind me of Blondie.    From "That Thing You Do!" (which you can place the time of exactly on) to something from the 1960's or 70s, this music really spans all decades and perhaps even future ones for that matter.

"Hate" reminds me of Concrete Blonde, while "Makin' Boize" brings out a heavier side and can remind me a bit of Muffs even.   Then these songs do this funny thing.   The fifth song, "The Messenger", begins to remind me of the band Delta Dart.   But as I think about it, the songs which came before it remind me of Delta Dart too I just didn't fully realize it until I heard it come out so strongly here.     So this really grows from more of a pop rock into something a bit heavier but it never really goes too deep into either of those sides and I love that about it-- a perfect medium like Motown Philly.

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