Monday, July 16, 2018

Record Review //
Svetlanas & New Cold War
(SquidHat Records)

$7 // //

One of the things that I love about music is that there isn't such a thing as too much of it, at least not to me.   If you introduce a new band to me and I like them, then I'll find a way to fit their songs into my life.   I don't feel this same way about other forms of art though.   You can only hang so many paintings on your walls, for example.  I only want to have a certain number of movies in a physical format.    So when I looked up Svetlanas on Discogs to find that they have a split with Dwarves is pretty rad since I've heard Dwarves before.

These two songs from Svetlanas are as fast paced as you'd expect punk to be but they are also just as precise in their delivery.   You can sing along as both the music and lyrics come out at such a rapid fire pace, like a machine gun, and in trying to find a comparison I'm sure I've heard a band play as fast over the years but when it comes to recent memory it just isn't there.   That's more about the state of punk than anything else because we really need more of these no bullshit type of punk bands like Svetlanas.

New Cold War has more of a punk rock feel like older Rise Against or something from the earlier days of Fat Wreck Chords where there is some melody and it can be a sing along as well, but it also just isn't afraid to let loose and feel like a bit of thrash.   "Burn" starts with those guitar notes like old Offspring and it just kicks in the way I remember punk rock sounding in the 1990's but since the 21st Century it isn't... I don't want to say it isn't there, I just want to say it isn't as easy to find. 

Not only should you listen to this record with these four songs on it, you should also open yourself up to the worlds of both Svetlanas and New Cold War.   Do some research, follow them down the rabbithole and discover other bands.    Punk should really be about listening to the most amount of punk music you can and in 2018 that seems to be even easier than ever before.

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