Saturday, July 14, 2018

Record Review //
False Cause
"This Flag EP"
(SquidHat Records)

$7 // //

In today's punk lesson we will learn from False Cause not only that punk was once dangerous (despite what you hear on the radio today that is so-called punk) but also what makes it so dangerous still to this day.   Through these five songs, False Cause have a lot to be angry about as their hardcore punk style reminds me of No Use For A Name and there are some influences in here on the punk side (like older NOFX) but the particular blend of hardcore and punk within these songs is new to me so that makes it that much better.

Back in the day (and even before my day) punk songs used to be about something.  "Enough Is Enough" seems like an easy idea to get behind based upon the title but I feel like too many people sit on their hands and do nothing when there is so much work to be done.   Oh yeah?  Did you retweet that tweet about that thing you don't like?  But what have you really done about it?   Get out there and take action.

"This Flag (Is Covered In Blood)" brings up a subject we're hearing a lot more about lately, from taking a knee to that old confederate flag.   But learning the history of the symbols of the USA is never a bad thing because most of them are not what you think.  A Dr. Know cover pretty well sums up where this record stands as well-- something you'd likely get in trouble for playing in public, I imagine shows where False Cause plays can get shut down for various, trivial political reasons, but overall, we need more bands like False Cause.   We need more punk bands with a message.

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