Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Cassette Review:
Awkward Geisha / T. Bjørklund Quartet
"Kunst Tease"

$5 //
Edition of 10 //
https://danshokudino.bandcamp.com/album/kunst-tease //

While "Kunst Tease" is one of the newest pieces of music on the Awkward Geisha Bandcamp page, it is also the third split they have done that I have listened to though it is the first on cassette.   In keeping with the order of there being no order it only makes sense that this would not only be my third split by Awkward Geisha overall but also my third cassette to feature them as well.

This begins in a sense of harsh static but also some deep darkness.  It's all twisted up.   It begins to sound haunted now, as if the screams of those tortured souls are coming out.    This is just heavy with pieces of sharp feedback intertwined as well.    While I feel like this drones on in some ways, it has this level where it still puts out notes and doesn't have an exact drone quality to it.    When listened to through speakers it just sounds like this flood of sounds, but when you get more intimate with it you can really begin to hear the complexities of it all.

A weird sense of being on a playground, even with what sounds like the voices of children but most likely are not, bring about this banging like heavier wind chimes and it's always been about hearing what is buried underneath the harshness.   The squeals.  The screeches.   The laughter?  It kind of sounds like it back there but I'm fairly certain it is not.   This makes me feel like someone should go to a hospital and record newborn babies crying and then bury it behind a HNW.   Could you imagine?

On the flip side T. Bjørklund Quartet starts off much quieter, more lo-fi.   There is what sounds like singing, a cough and then a car driving by.  This perhaps goes into the sound of someone blowing their nose.    There is this constant sort of rattling sound and though it should go without saying, this one is also best listened to through earbuds.    The blowing of the nose continues as if to sound like a trumpet.   Through the blowing of the nose it sounds as if there are voices in the background and I imagine them playing a game of soccer in the street for some reason.   Another car drives by.   I definitely heard someone laugh in the background and it makes me think how strange it would be if that field recording was also used on Side A.   (Side Note: Someone should totally do that.  One field recording, two different artists putting their own sounds over it.  Book it!)

Now I hear what sounds like some other form of music in the background as the nose trumpet continues, which also has me wondering if it is in fact some kind of trumpet or such and not the blowing of the nose.   It could almost be like a spitting in some way.    A supersonic laser beam comes through next.   There is almost that feeling of when you go through one of those doors that tells you not to open it.   A bit of banging and what sounds like water running but in the sense of a fire hydrant burst comes out with this.  It's wild now.   Screams/growls are also tucked away back there.   Though it is not the correct genre term right now, I still very much want to call this skramz.

If you are not yet a fan enough of Awkward Geisha to want to buy this cassette then I don't know what to tell you.   One day, these cassettes are going to be looked back upon and people will wonder why they were only editions of 10 and not 100.    At the same time, the quiet and then all out insanity of T. Bjørklund Quartet also makes this split worth it.   This was my last Awkward Geisha cassette so now I don't know whether to listen to more digitally or wait for more physical releases to come out, but I think I shall also journey down this T. Bjørklund Quartet rabbithole.   Won't you join me?

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