Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Music Review:
Marina Stewart
"Dawn Raised With A Gesture Of Submission"
(attenuation circuit)

This begins rather quietly, a sort of sound of papers being shuffled around and I'm listening to it through earbuds because I had a feeling that was going to be the best way to experience this one.   A sort of drone tone comes out for a moment but then disappears.   The tone returns and while there are still other sounds in the background, the glowing sound of it becomes the entire portion of this piece.   A sort of fluttering comes into the background now. 

It gets a bit more solemn and then does this jumping thing which would sound great on cassette.   Glass tones become louder now with just the hum of bass behind them, all other sound is gone.  It's uplifting, as if one is rising up to Heaven.     This continues to glow and it just has an empowering way about it.   It is peaceful, soothing and just overall feels like something you'd experience with a lot of light.   In many ways, this has the sound of light which is odd to type because light doesn't really seem to make noise.

The sounds trail out as if the song is over but then as we approach the eleven minute mark bass comes out.  Vocals- which are spoken word but seem distorted, as if manipulated to sound deeper than perhaps they actually are- also come in as there is this ringing in the background with the bass notes here and there.   I quite enjoy how it turns from a fairly set in stone version of an ambient drone piece but turns into something much different, yet still equally as compelling.

Static like a record player and lighter, more cheerful tones like a musical toy for a baby make what could be considered the third movement in this piece and that is how it ends. 

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