Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Music Review: Aaron Martin "A Room Now Empty" (Preserved Sound)


For what was the first time today in years I took the bus.  I actually debated several times whether or not I wanted to go to this "job fair".   My anxieties got the better of me when it was cold and bright out and I hid under my blankets.   But I knew I needed to do this and when I checked the time and it was only 8:45 am I said let's roll, got up, showered and caught the 10:15 bus. 

It amazes me that my bus pass hadn't been used in years but was still valid.   I went down streets that were filled with everything and nothing at the same time.   The "job fair" was mostly me filling out an application, handing it to someone and them saying they'd get back to me in seven to ten days if they were interested, no promised on the spot interviews unless that counted as an interview in which case it was rather lacking.

The whole time I was on the bus and then walking to where I needed to go by foot, I was listening to "A Room Now Empty".    When I'm out walking I try to listen to jazz or hip hop to keep me motivated but this was a different sound.   Yet somehow it worked though because what I saw out there was different than before.  Plazas where stores once were are now empty, more spaces for lease than ever before.   I remember this road as being such a hotspot in my youth and now it is so desolate. 

From dark violins to even darker cellos, the music Aaron Martin crafts is not quite for the apocalypse but somewhere close to it.   It isn't that the world has come to an end, but it is very close to end times and, well, some could say that is where we are right now anyway.   I know walking through what used to be flourishing areas and now seeing them literally dying is one of the best ways for me to describe these sounds that are symphonic, cinematic.   Somehow, it just worked out all too perfectly that this would be the soundtrack I selected for this particular journey.

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