Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Music Review:
Marriage + Cancer
"Marriage + Cancer"
(Self Sabotage Records)


To begin this review, I am going to be 100% completely honest and vulnerable with you.   By my saying this, I am opening up this contract of trust between us and so I hope this is something which you do not abuse in the future.    Confession: If a press person sends me a song or album and says that it sounds like "In Utero era Nirvana" I will, 100% of the time, listen to it.   This might be because I often times find myself referencing said album in reviews, but I think it's also just because I enjoy that album so much if I could find something else resembling it I'm immediately in.

Some time ago (it feels like months) I was submitted a single for "God Is Tan" via SoundCloud and I immediately fell in love with Marriage + Cancer.    They have what does sound like "In Utero" era Nirvana but they also have this "Attack On Memory" (Cloud Nothings) sound and even could be compared to a slowed down version of one of my favorite bands who never seems to get talked about much: Garrison.
The music on this album is slow yet fast at the same time.   Screams (but you can still make out the words) come through layers of distortion and it just has this overall powerful feel to it.   If you think of punk rock as being like a machine gun because it is fast paced, then Marriage + Cancer would undoubtedly be a blowtorch.   Nothing here really comes out in notes or bit and pieces; this is sheets of noise that most people will likely tell you is "too loud". 

This is not the only self-titled album by Marriage + Cancer.   Surprisingly, they have another one [Editor's NoteDiscogs and further listening to this album makes me believe it is not the same band] on a different label and, well, I don't know how to tell them apart when writing or talking about them other than with the labels they were released on, but I guess part of that is also what makes Marriage + Cancer so great (Aside from their name and overall sound of course).   I hear pieces of "In Utero" era Nirvana in artists, but perhaps never this much.   I really just wish there was an entire movement, a genre of music if you will, which sounded like Marriage + Cancer but until that time comes I will stick with this band.

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