Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Toy Review: WWE Series 58 Honky Tonk Man (Mattel) [Figure # 140]

I wasn't sure whether or not I was going to review this figure first or the Iron Sheik because I bought them both at Toys R Us as part of a 2 for $15 sale, but something which needs to be said for both is about their Basic articulation.    I used to think "Oh, I'd rather have someone like this as an Elite", but the funny thing is, when I'd buy the Classic Superstars from Jakks they all had similar articulation and I never really was bothered by it.   That being said, I'm fine with having guys like "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan and now Honky Tonk Man and Iron Sheik as Basics and not Elites.

The thing I like about this figure is that even though it is Basic and therefore doesn't include any accessories, I feel like one day Mattel might put Honky Tonk Man into an Elite line again.   Also, with their Flashbacks getting their own releases as part of a re-release series we might just see one sooner than later.   Previous Elite Honky Tonk Man figures came with the removeable jumpsuit and guitar, so as such if they make another Elite (or re-release one) we'll be able to put the jumpsuit on this figure and he'll have the guitar because paying the extra cash for another guitar and jumpsuit (Even if they're different colors) just doesn't seem worth it to me.

I was never really a huge Honky Tonk Man fan, but he wasn't someone I didn't enjoy either.   I think it's fun to have him as a figure based upon everyone else in the Mattel line right now and if nothing else I can pair him with my Billy Gunn figure to bring back Rock-a-Billy memories.   Also, I like the idea that Honky Tonk Man- a blast from the past- can feud with the younger generation, even if it is only because I secretly want to see him fight Shinsuke Nakamura for some reason (But not in real life because HTM is too old at the moment)

I had the Honky Tonk Man Jakks figures from the BCA line and the Classic Superstars line, though I never had his Hasbro figures, but given the growing list of names made by Mattel- many never thought possible before during the Jakks time, this just feels like one of those figures you need to add to your collection to have this sort of expanded roster and just for a past vs. future type of idea.    I like this figure a lot and look forward to seeing what Quentin does with him.

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