Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Toy Review: WWE Series 58 Iron Sheik (Mattel) [Figure # 141]

The Iron Sheik is one of my favorite characters in WWE of all-time.  He will, in a word, make you humble.   His Twitter is a thing of beauty.  Finding him as an Elite figure would be much more difficult, but as with the Honky Tonk Man if they made a new Elite of him I would buy it to put his potential robe and headdress on this figure as well.   For all of the other figures I have in the modern era (like NXT), I really like to think of Iron Sheik vs. Samoa Joe for some reason.

While I would enjoy an Elite Iron Sheik, I don't mind his lack of articulation that much.   Unlike other "legends", Iron Sheik doesn't look that different now than he did back then either.   He could be in "street gear" to look like he does currently, but otherwise, he does a fitting job to go with my current versions of older guys like Hulk Hogan (Plus I've been slowly ushering more classic guys into our collection, just not all of them like when I became obsessed with Jakks.   Sorry, Paul Orndorff)

I'm not sure why, but since I bought this Iron Sheik figure and the Honky Tonk Man I've imagined them both as being NXT Champion for some reason.   Then I saw Honky Tonk Man in Lucha Underground.   It's a fine line of "Basic Flashbacks" that I would buy versus the ones that I wouldn't buy.    Iron Sheik worked out because of the sale with Honky Tonk Man, but aside from my small list of those I still want in my collection (Bret Hart comes to mind) I'm really just taking them on a case by case basis now which I enjoy.   But yeah, there is also a movie about Iron Sheik on Netflix I need to watch still and this figure is also a reminder of that.   Plus, if Quentin ever wants to see Iron Sheik vs. Bob Backlund, for example, we have the WWE Network for that, something we didn't have in the Jakks Classic Superstars days.

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