Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Toy Review: WWE Elite 42 HHH (Mattel) [Figure # 142]

In the time that we have been collecting WWE Mattel figures we have yet to get a HHH.   I kind of wanted him in his suit in the Battle Pack with Daniel Bryan, but I also enjoy him as a wrestler and he does come back to wrestle every now and again still, so having him with short hair in wrestling gear seemed like a fair compromise, as opposed to having him in a suit.   (Though one day I wouldn't mind having him in a suit so he could be represented that way as well in our collection)   We actually did have a HHH Mattel figure once but it was the longer hair in wrestling gear and so I used it for a custom.  

We chose this figure for our HHH based upon two things.   First off, it was sort of on sale at Walgreens in the sense that it was $19.99 and if you spent over $15 you got a $5 coupon, so it was like we saved $5 on it.   But the main reason why I chose this HHH figure is because I like the concept of the Terminator entrance gear and also there is this Stephanie coming out soon which will look sweet with him.   I remember a previous ring gear HHH in a robe which made it difficult to tell if the figure was actually in there or not and that one just didn't do it for me like this Terminator version.

The thing I like about this figure as a concept figure as well is that the entrance gear comes off and then he basically becomes this regular ring gear HHH who can go around and throw Dean Ambrose out of the Royal Rumble and what not else.    I also like that I can put this gear on other wrestlers and make them into Terminator type characters.   And, yes, I did look into Terminator figures which might be in scale with this HHH figure as that one Robocop figure I have kind of is in scale with them.    I suppose the thing is, if you're going to eventually buy a HHH figure- and I feel like we were- you might as well make it be a) an Elite, b) not full price and c) a kick ass concept figure.    So that is why and how this ended into our collection, even if it was a bit late.

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