Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Cassette Review: Drome "Pim Songs" (Safety Milk Records)

[$5 // Edition of 50 // https://longlivedrome.bandcamp.com/album/pim-songs]

When I see the name Drome I immediately think it says "drone" and, well, this cassette is anything but drone music.   It's also strange to me that it'd be titled "Pim Songs" because I don't know who the Pim is that this title refers to exactly but there is a cartoon panda bear who is named Little Pim that likes to teach you different languages.     Little Pim always makes me think these songs are going to be about him but they really seem to have no connection.  (Though finding a plush Little Pim at Savers was still one of my greatest finds I believe)

The sound of Drome is one of loud rock n roll.   I'm sure if there is a genre name for this yet, but it can be thought of as noise rock or something along those lines I suppose.   Elements of High Pop combine with The Lot Six and it clanks through while somehow being dreamy.    Musically it can remind me of Primus at times- which makes me want to also call it complex.    Grinding guitars can bring out sounds which resemble Nirvana but rock this good always can be compared to Nirvana somehow.

While there are more than a few bands who share a similar sound with Drome, it is still a nice scene to be a part of, at least for me.   When I was in my early 20's (and even at age 19 let's say) I was listening to bands like The Beautiful Mistake and Thrice above anything else because I loved those melodies mixed with the hardcore thrash.   Now, listening to Drome I can hear that chaotic sound of The Lot Six (who I've also loved for such a long time) mixed with the dreamy qualities of psych-pop.    "Pim Songs" is also a bit of music over lyrics, which I think also needs as we can no longer just consider music to be instrumental and not.

Whatever Brains is one of the big influences I can hear coming out in Drome but yet they don't sound exactly the same either.   I just imagine one day there'd be some sort of noise rock fest (or whatever you want to call it) and bands like Drome and Whatever Brains would get together and the stage would explode.    I always seem to kind of latch onto these loud yet melodic bands and if I was ten years younger I'd probably be driving up and down the east coast to see them as well.   Drome isn't just a band- they represent a movement and it is one I think everyone should be following because it truly is something special in music right now.

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