Friday, June 10, 2016

CD Review: hicksoncompactgroup "Resting Through These Revolutions"

[$2 // Edition of 15 //]

Regardless of how you feel about cassettes (and I love them), you have to admire the qualities of both the CD and digital music because they can create this sort of endless sound.   As evidenced by "Resting Through These Revolutions", this was perhaps a better choice for the CD (which is now sold out, so you'll have to think of it as being digital) than cassette simply because it adds that flow which can be disrupted when flipping sides.

From quiet synth whirrs to ambient drone, hicksoncompactgroup offers up another fantastic journey into space and time.   Some sonar comes out, but it is closer to space than underwater.   At one point, I feel like I'm beginning to hear whales in space even if I'm not, but it just gives me this strange idea about whether or not there are animals in space.     I imagine some form of evolved whales who have learned to adapt to space and can swim through zero gravity, breathing the way our whales breathe underwater.

Hollow voids bring about the sound of glass rattling.    The sounds can begin to feel a bit wavy, but in true hicksoncompactgroup fashion they do so while a feeling of drone is still maintained.    A ringing sound can also be determined but it is more like rocks skipping across a pond than what one would think of in terms of perhaps a telephone.    This does also make me wonder what that rippling effect would be akin to in space instead of water.

With certain musicians- and hicksoncompactgroup is one of them- I like to think of their music (the audio of it all) as being like reading a book.   One day, I hope someone will come along and generate some visuals to go with the sounds, much like the way which a book can be turned into a movie.    But then when I make that comparison in my own mind, I can't help but think that some of the best books are left to our own imagination, as is the music of hicksoncompactgroup.

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