Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cassette Review: Luciernaga "Sic Transit Gloria" (Etcs Records)

[Sold Out // https://luciernaga.bandcamp.com/album/sic-transit-gloria-2]

The story behind this cassette- and the Bandcamp explains this as well- is that this was released by a label in Chile, while the artist is from the USA.   So, I actually purchased this in February of 2016 and didn't receive it until three months later because of the fact that it was coming from Chile to the artist and then to me.   If you happen to look up the website of the label via the Luciernaga Bandcamp page, you'll likely find this cassette in stock, however you will have to order it from Chile and possibly get help translating the site if you're a gringo like me.  (I just clicked on everything until I found what I was looking for, but can still neither can confirm nor deny that it is in stock since I'm rough on the translation)

Droning strings- perhaps a violin- begin this cassette.   A slide guitar can be heard, or at least something which takes on that sound, and then space whirrs come out as well.   It's a ringing tone now followed by notes in the drone.   A sharp, electronic flute feel comes out next followed by what could almost be a car horn drone into some sort of magical arrangement.    This all leads us to a more powerful drone which quite frankly sounds like something out of Middle Earth.    Sad strings come in as well and before the first side comes to a close words can be heard briefly spoken.

On the flip side, spacey whirrs start things off.   It becomes a little bit choppy and then there is this underwater feel to it.    It goes from distorted to wild to windy to even possibly demonic.   Things just seem to intensify here as it goes from more of a relaxed drone to more of an in-your-face drone.    Back and forth tones bring this side to a close, and it kind of feels like at times we went through the wind tunnel here as well.

This is my second time listening to Luciernaga on cassette and I must say that it is still a lot of fun and a great overall experience.    Side A offers this sort of relaxing drone which you could put on while you meditated if you really wanted to, and yet on Side B you think you might be in for more of that but then it just kicks in and feels like something you'd be lucky to sleep through.   If you did somehow find enough peace to sleep during Side A, then you would either be woken by Side B or haunted in your dreams.    Either way, it isn't something you should *want* to happen to you, but you have to respect the power and influence that this music can have on you.

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