Friday, May 20, 2016

Toy Review: WWE Elite Series 41 Terry Funk (Mattel) [Figure # 114]

After picking up Macho King at Target we headed over to Walmart.   You know, we've been going to many different Walgreens stores in search of Elite 41 and we've found the 1-2-3 Kid, Umaga, Dean Ambrose and, well, just about everyone other than Finn Balor    Needless to say when we walked into our Walmart and found at least one case of E41 mixed in with their never-ending supply of E39 I was ecstatic.   They had everyone from the series and even two Finn Balor figures (I left one for someone else)   Finn Balor is another review, but we picked up Terry Funk because even though we had seen him at Walgreens (for $19.99) the Elites are on sale at Walmart for $17.97.

To say one of my biggest collections of action figures ever was my Jakks WWE collection would be an understatement.   I enjoyed Jakks' attempt at making a Terry Funk figure that looked like this- I really did- but this figure is just miles better than the Jakks one ever was.   But let's not argue about how his head isn't huge in the Mattel version and the head band actually looks to be of the proper size, let's just look at this figure in all of its glory.

One of the first times I really fell in love with ECW- even though I'd been watching it for a while before then- was when they had their first pay-per-view and Terry Funk was in the main event of that dressed like this.    Rightfully so, this figure comes with the ECW Championship which was another large reason why I wanted to get it.  I realize it was released once before (I believe) with a RSC Exclusive CM Punk, but I have no interest in that figure so this seemed like my way to get it.

This action figure of Terry Funk is perfect.   But there is one problem that I have with it: he has no one to fight.   Sure, Tommy Dreamer got a WWE Basic some time ago that sells for way too much on eBay right now, but how about a ECW version of Dreamer?   ECW Dudleys seem to be inevitable but where is everyone else?  Could Mattel, who makes children's toys for a PG company in WWE, make someone like Sabu or The Sandman?  Shane Douglas could come in his packaging without looking too extreme.   Even Raven needs to be in this Mattel line before all is said and done.

The only WWE action figure I currently have that could be close to considered ECW is Rob Van Dam.   I'm not going to get too specific with who was in ECW because we do have a Chris Jericho figure, but come on, I even need a Cactus Jack Mattel!   Imagine Hall of Fame Series 3 Cactus Jack on shelves at the same time as this Terry Funk figure... Why has the world of wrestling figures failed me so?   None the less, as I consider Terry Funk to be the start of an ECW collection, it will be fun to see him face off against the younger guys like Kevin Owens, Rusev, CM Punk, Hideo Itami, Alberto Del Rio and, of course, Finn Balor.    And as if you had to ask, yes, The Funker will soon be destroying Sami Zayn.

So right now, Terry Funk really doesn't seem to have accurate competition in the world of WWE Mattel action figures.   However, the way you can fantasy book him is just ridiculous.  I mean, I have an action figure of the friggin' Bunny.   Terry Funk vs. Easter anyone??

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