Friday, May 20, 2016

Toy Review: WWE Hall of Fame Series 3 "Macho King" Randy Savage (Mattel) [# 112]

I recently responded to a question on the Wrestling Figures message board about whether to get the Elite Macho Man from Series 38 (which I have) or this Macho King figure.   My response was to get this Hall of Fame figure of Macho King because I only really ever wanted to have one Randy Savage figure in my collection but after buying Elite 38 I saw this one in stores and was like, "Dang, I should have waited for this one!"    Yes, I like Elite 38, but I feel like this figure is better and if I had the chance to do it all over again I'd probably buy this one and pass on E38.   Though I'm happy how things turned out because now I have two Macho Man Mattel figures.

Part of the Hall of Fame series, Macho Man comes in colors straight out of the 1980's and with the Jakks idea of having no design on the back of his tights.    He's got sunglasses, a crown and a scepter.   When my wife looked at the figure she said something like, "That's all he comes with?", but to be fair the Yokozuna Hall of Fame figure only came with two tag team title belts.   But is it strange to anyone else now that I was kind of indifferent to the Hall of Fame series at first and now I have three figures from it and there are three series of single carded figures so, go figure.

If not for the $10 sale on the Hall of Fame Elite figures I would not have bought this Macho King.  I kind of want to go back and get Sgt. Slaughter and yet I also kind of don't really care.    If you do a Google image search for Macho King though you'll find he should have a jacket/shirt and I'm kind of sad he doesn't.    I also really just want a pink Macho Man with white jacket and yellow fringe, like his Hasbro figure I had growing up, and that's probably the only way I'd buy him again.

Someone made the interesting point in the post of E38 vs. HoF3 that the E36 version of Macho Man is how most people remember him from his Slim Jim commercials.   This Macho King figure doesn't have Randy Savage's trademark cowboy hat but his E38 figure does and as such it is nice to have a Randy Savage figure to represent both eras in his career.

When I was most into wrestling action figures, Jakks had the WWE license and were making them in the RA style.   Jakks never got to make a Macho Man figure though, and I've long since sold off most all of my Jakks RA figures.   So in some ways, being able to get a figure of someone like Macho Man or Sting to stand with everyone else just makes me happy and perhaps that is why I find myself getting more of them than just the one I expected to get.   (And don't get into the technicalities with me of how Jakks made Sting when they had the TNA license because I was out by then)

For $10, this is a really great figure.   If you've never had a Macho Man figure before this might be the one to get.   Though I'm not sure I would have paid $20 for this figure, I am fortunate it was sitting at my Target at a time when it was on sale.  Now let's hope this sale can clean out some Eddie Guerrero and Tito Santana Hall of Fame figures!   (And, no, I'm not going to go back to Target and buy one of each and make them a tag team because that'd just be silly)  Also, this figure might just exist so he can fight the "King of Kings" HHH.

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