Friday, February 19, 2016

Toy Review: WWE Battle Packs 37 J&J Security (Mattel)

There isn't too much that can be said about J&J Security.   They came with a video camera and other than their headscans they seem to be made of the same body mold and all, so I assume in that sense this was a cheap Battle Pack for Mattel to make.   If this was the me of, say, ten years or more ago I would definitely be buying another one of these to get these two guys in ring gear, but right now I'm okay with them just being J&J Security (Though I still need a proper suited HHH to complete The Authority)

I remember seeing Joey Matthews back in ECW as part of the team of York & Matthews.   He and Christian York then went to ROH and ultimately Joey Matthews became Joey Mercury and was in the tag team MNM with Johnny Nitro, who is now in Lucha Underground.  It would be kind of fun to turn this Joey Mercury figure though into an MNM counterpart for Johnny Nitro, but I don't have the time or desire, really.

Jamie Noble came from the final years of WCW which I wasn't really watching.  I always liked him in WWE, especially his tag team with Kid Kash, but then when he left WWE he went onto other promotions such as ROH and IWA-MS where he had some just great matches.    One way you can tell how popular Jamie Noble is though is that before he became part of J&J Security he'd come out simply as an agent and get chants while other guys on the active roster were going unnoticed.

This is hardly a "must have" set as these guys aren't in ring gear and, well, by the time they hit stores the characters were no longer on television.    But Quentin did want them and I enjoy them enough for their runs as wrestlers that having these figures in our WWE Mattel collection- which is just so expansive- just seems right.  

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