Monday, February 29, 2016

Television Review: Mr. Pickles (Adult Swim)

At some point in time, Hulu decided to add a bunch of Adult Swim shows (and other Cartoon Network shows) and I have slowly started watching them all.   From the heavy metal, just plain brutal theme song to open this show, you know you're in for something that isn't going to be the normal tale of a boy and his dog, even though that is how it might appear on the surface.

Everything about this family is pretty funny- from the mother and father to the grandpa who seems to be the only one who knows what Mr. Pickles is really doing- and, yeah, Mr. Pickles gets his name from his love of eating pickles.   It's kind of funny.   Someone threatens either the dog or his boy and Mr. Pickles channels the help of the other animals with his demonic powers and some unsuspecting fool is torn limb from limb.   Then, the dog returns at the end of the day and eats his favorite treat- a pickle.

In some sort of twisted way, this reminds me of what happens when we're kids and we think that when we go to sleep maybe our toys come to life or something.   This show is pretty graphic in terms of the violence so, no, Quentin is not allowed to watch it with me, but it does have some killer animation (see what I did there?) and I don't quite think I'll ever tire of seeing the antics of Mr. Pickles.    It's like... One of those shows from the early years of television, a "My Three Sons" if you will, only animated and then mixed with something you never would have seen on television back then.   I love it.   Mr. Pickles- good boy.

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