Wednesday, February 17, 2016

CD Review: Zane Solberg "Zane Solberg" (Captain Crook Records)

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Recently, Captain Crook Records found some older CDs that apparently they still had copies of but forgot about and so only the single copy which they found was released to the public and this is one of the three that I managed to get before it was gone for good.   Originally released back in 2010 this EP of sorts is seven songs and twice as many minutes.   Please note though that while I type this review under the idea that this CD is "sold out" you can still download these songs at a name your price download via the link provided up there.

The songs of Zane Solberg are sung out over a rusty guitar.    There is an acoustic twang which puts it on that fine line between country and folk, a line you might remember from other musicians such as Johnny Cash.    A few of these songs are about his desire to kill someone else but there is even a song about his own death, though that is a cover.   He actually starts the cover song- "I Wish I Was Becoming", originally by The Squealers- again from the beginning after not being pleased with the first take which is something I guess someone else might want to edit out before releasing it but it's not just another example of how raw these songs really are.

It's hard for me to tell you to download a group of songs which you can essentially download for free.   In theory, you could download this and print out the artwork for it and make your own CD and it would be a pretty close bootleg except for the whole x/100 number on it.     But these are songs that however you should choose to hear them, they need to be heard.  

When I searched for Zane Solberg on Bandcamp, I also found a live release by him which is also available from Captain Crook Records but is a download only (in the sense that it appears to have had no physical release) [Editor's Note: There is a link on the Captain Crook Bandcamp merch page for it to have been a CD once] and so if you really wanted to you could download a total of eleven Zane Solberg songs to burn onto one CD.   I'm just saying...

I'm not sure what Zane Solberg is up to now as the live songs are from 2013 (I hope he's still making music) but the song "Going Down" has a fitting chorus:

"If I'm going down I'm taking you with me / They will remember me now"   

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