Monday, February 15, 2016

CD Review: The John Doe Experience "No Hablo Español" (Froh & Munter Records)

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From the first song you can tell this one is going to be different.   It has that old west vibe to it, though someone is speaking in Spanish (counting among other things), but within that old west vibe are horns, beats and pianos.   It really reminds me like something out of a Quentin Tarantino movie because it just sounds that cool and, well, it's a great way to begin any album.   Of course I am familiar with The John Doe Experience because of their cassette and so after listening to that I've been finding myself getting deeper into this CD as well.

It is worth noting right away that this CD is on the Froh & Munter Records label, which I am familiar with because of Claudius Loik, and so there are two songs on this album where he is also featured.    Another artist- Diametral- who also has releases on Froh & Munter Records is also featured on some songs but more on that later.   I do enjoy the fact that Claudius Loik is on here and I heard him before being introduced to this CD but I guess it doesn't really matter the order because if you heard this CD first then it'd be like everyone was branching out afterwards.  I just enjoy that the artists are all seemingly working together and it gives the label a feeling of family over business.

While a lot of that western feel remains there are still beats and synth.   I'm not talking about westerns like country though, as this doesn't sound like Willie Nelson but rather it makes me feel like I'm in a western movie.    But then the way that the beats come into it isn't probably the first time something like that has been done (Again, see: the films of Quentin Tarantino) but it then has this other layer on top of it which could be described as something out of the 1980's and it is simply wonderful.

As the CD goes on the mood can change.   The titular track is spoken by a computer voice (perhaps one of the first of the sort) and this loop is accompanied by instrumental hip hop sounds.    I feel like it's a great song for a gringo such as myself because at this point in my life I feel like I'm too old to learn another language since English is the only one that I do know.  (But, I know, I still want to learn more languages and am going to be working on that starting this year.  Do they still have those programs you listen to while you sleep?)

The titular track is followed by a cover of Radiohead's "Creep".   Now someone covered this song recently and I saw it "trending" on Facebook with people saying "Everyone stop covering this song please".   I want to say it was Courtney Love who covered it when that happened but don't quote me on that.   So yeah, this cover features Diametral and the verses are spoken in a computer voice- something I believe Illegal Wiretaps would love- and then the chorus appears to be sung by a human.
The majority of the melody is played out through a horn that could be a saxophone though I feel like trumpets were prominent early on this CD.   There are also crashing booms of percussion and this is just a cover of "Creep" the likes of which you have likely never heard before.    For what it's worth to me, The John Doe Experience can cover any song they bloody well please if this is going to be the end result of it.

"No Hablo Español" ends with a song called "OMG - I'm Being Killed!" and this is the basis of the second disc of this double CD set as it is the "bonus disc" if you will.   The second disc features the album version of "OMG - I'm Being Killed!", in case you forgot about it, as well as a remix, an extended version and "OMG - I'm Dead".    However, I hope this is not the end of The John Doe Experience.    I definitely do wish to hear more music from JDE.    For now I will just continue listening to this CD and the cassette until some more bits of weird are released by them.

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