Monday, February 15, 2016

Cassette Review: Rizwan Porter "Homage" (5CM Recordings)

[$5 // Edition of 25 //]

I'm not sure what's had me thinking the thoughts that I think lately, but it is probably because of my use of Audacity.   One of the tasks of my current (hourly) job is to power-wash floors and there is something fun to me about aiming that hose and firing as it makes different sounds  but mostly just comes across and different levels.   In Audacity, I can slow down such a recording (And, yes, I record such things at work when I'm probably not supposed to, but it doesn't hurt anyone) and as such I imagine it as being some sort of drone/field recording type of piece.    With this, I begin to wonder (as my mind often wanders at "work") why no one has ever put vocals into such a piece of music-- even just spoken word poetry.

Wellm Rizwan Porter has taken a step into that direction (and trust me, I'd rather have someone else do it than attempt it myself for the same reason why I *love* baseball but have never had aspirations of playing professionally) and if someone knows of anything which could be considered drone but has vocals do let me know.  (And, likewise, if you create such a piece be sure and send it to me.  I might make one for fun just to see how it sounds though)   Through static crackling, Rizwan Porter expresses dark electric guitar notes.   I've heard these two elements of music before but not always together.    On one hand you'd have the "drone" and on the other it'd be "ambient" or maybe even post rock, but the way they mix together here is done well.

"Homage" can go back and forth between only the static- only the "drone noise"- and then have the guitar notes mixed into it.    I realize that I could probably grab some field recording and add in some guitar notes to it using something such as, say, Garage Band, but I feel like Rizwan Porter is a bit more in focus with the craft than I am.  (For the record, the first time I ever heard something called "drone" I thought "I could do that" and you do not want to even hear what I tried to make... It's just... Drone music might just seem like holding down one note forever but it is much harder to replicate than that)   The guitar notes and patterns at one point bring about that Hendrix feel and so I know that Rizwan Porter is one of those people who could pick up a guitar and play in a rock band just as easily as making this cassette and, well, it's all about talent no matter how much I have to remind myself not to attempt something such as this because it would only waste my time.

I realize I would like to *try* and create something which is "drone" with vocals added in, even in just a spoken word sense, but I probably will not for the same reason why I simply couldn't use Garage Band and Audacity to create something similar to "Homage".   I find it best to leave the music to the music makers and as such I like to remind people as often as I can that this is not as easy as it looks.    You know, especially with painting I find a lot of people saying, "Oh, I could paint that".    But you know what?  You didn't.   A lot of art is having the idea and executing it- not just executing it.    But yet, still, Rizwan Porter has this raw talent that I feel if you tried to copy you would find yourself with a new appreciation of this work because not only is the idea a good one the execution of it is flawless.

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