Friday, February 26, 2016

Cassette Review: Promute / Homogenized Terrestrials "infrared dynamo" (Bicephalic Records)

For quite a while when looking at this cassette I thought that the first artist on it was named Promote.  I'm not sure why, but I feel like "promote" would be a good band name (or general artist name) because you can promote something and whatever your message is- whether it is to always try your best or take drugs- your music can help you to promote that.   Then I noticed, thanks to Bandcamp, that this first artist is in fact called Promute and I find that strange because why would you be in favor of muting something?

Promute begins with little electronics and whirrs whooshes.   For some reason, it really reminds me of the background music you might have heard on a show such as "Lost".    Through plucking and tuning notes I get a sense of this being like chamber music almost and then I hear the familiar beeps of R2D2 and am drawn back into the electronic side of things.    Harps are destroyed and then it becomes loud and sharp.   Droning string synth takes us into something slightly wavy and that is how it ends.

On the other side we have Homogenized Terrestrials which begins with buzzing and clicking.  It has a sound as if it is up high and it is also somewhat similar to what was heard from Promute on Side A.    Through a glitch rhythm comes ahhhh type sounds which make me think it is somewhat angelic.   Pretty pianos, metal detectors and banjos round out the sound.    All of these sounds seem to combine before it grows quieter.   An ohm drone brings about a rattling at the end.   

These two artist can be considered similar but they also have enough differences where you can tell one from the other.   If I had to go back to my original thought that the first artist on here was called "Promote" then I would say that this cassette is promoting an experimental type of electronic music that people really just need to hear more of because music in general- and I mean that in a mainstream sense, college radio even counts I suppose- has just become so stale and it's time for a change.    This is that change whether you like it or not.   I mean, if you don't want to evolve your musical tastes I can't stop you, but I'm just letting you know it is here for you.  

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