Friday, February 26, 2016

Cassette Review: Somnoroase Păsărele "CO" (Baba Vanga)

"CO" begins with intergalatic cries and block rockin' beats.   These two sounds alternate back and forth, sometimes combining and sometimes not.    From there we hear the sounds of space mice and lasers though there are still beats.   I imagine this as sounding like a great space whirr drone piece if there were not beats present, but yet the beats just seem to somehow enhance this all as well.    Space harmonica comes in next followed by video game blasts and there is this slow Asteroids build until it all goes down in a flurry.

Static now gives way to the ins and outs of an accordion.   A slow pulse begins building, driving and then it turns Transformers.    Triumphant synth now, followed by tings in whirrs.   It's scrambled lasers.   It's electro beats and squeaks.    Rhythms and loops have me thinking about some sort of simulated ping pong and I'm not sure why.   We go down into the boiler room and a swarm ends the first side.

On the flip side we begin with synth bass note which sound like they could be from a keytar.   There is a certain level of wizardry to all of this.   A singing pattern brings in other sounds as the pace quickens.   What I hear next is somewhere between a foghorn and a cello.  It has that distinct chugga-chugga sound as if a locomotive is heading up the tracks.    It then descends into stand alone notes, a little synth cop which reminds me of "Big Trouble in Little China" for some reason and then a deep Transformers synth march.  

Drone comes through in slight waves until more beeping patterns find their way to the surface of it all.    The sense of a digital pattern is mixed with the crashing of synthetic waves in the virtual ocean.    You can swim as far as you want to here because this ocean never ends.     We dive into the crystal sea and then a panic, such as in an old cartoon show, comes onto the screen, which can only mean that we are in peril.    The sound becomes darker now, as if it is already too late.   This is the unfortunate end of an Alfred Hitchcock movie, the one they didn't want you to see because your vertigo will get the best of you.

This is the sound of dying robots.   So many nanobots have journeyed into this cyberspace realm to try and save you and for what?   You are only human.   You are mere flesh and bone.   You cannot survive this.   You were not meant to survive this.   The only movie I can think of in a digital sense to compare this with is "Tron" but "CO" is so much more than that.   It lives and breathes inside of the computer with a plot that Alfred Hitchcock would have approved.   

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