Friday, February 19, 2016

Cassette Review: Jack Hardy "Slipped" (Custom Made Music)

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The songs of Jack Hardy are fuzzy pop and they are loud.    Somewhere between The Benjamins and a song off of the "Angus" soundtrack, these five songs each fit on a side of this cassette.   I'm thinking Hunx at times as well, but I'm not really hearing it as much as I should be to mention it (Overall this doesn't really seem to have that garage sound either)  I hear bits of that classic "Teen Angel" song and then I also just think one of the best ways to describe this is by thinking of it as a cross between High Pop and Wheatus.

These songs are as distorted as they are loud.   It's the type of music that you don't need to set the volume at a high number to feel how loud it truly is, but then when you do realize how loud it comes out you want to crank it up even louder just to enhance the overall experience.    I really can't come up with a solid comparison point for Jack Hardy though and that really makes me happy.    To think that someone could belt out these songs which such thundering guitars and I don't have a means of conveying it to you is perhaps the most redeeming quality of it all.

If you happen to stumble upon a brief description of this somewhere- perhaps the Custom Made Music website- or even if you are simply reading this review you might think that based upon the words presented to you, "Oh yeah, that means it sounds like ______".   But it doesn't.   You must throw away all of those preconceived notions when going into this cassette by Jack Hardy because he doesn't really sound how you think and, well, this is actually a lot better than words can do it justice.    I like loud guitars as much as the next guy but this is just... So much more than that.   This needs to be heard.

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