Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cassette Review: The Editor "Era -時代" (Illuminated Paths)

[$7 // Edition of 25 //]

It seems like every time I try and come close to having The Editor figured out and I go and listen to another piece of music which proves me wrong.   I'm not sure exactly where this falls in The Editor timeline but it's probably older than other releases I've already heard.   Either way, it is somewhat of a new side to The Editor that I haven't heard before and as such it is a welcome addition to any cassette collection.

Synth bass starts things off with rhythm and beats.   Things then proceed to get funky.    It reminds me of the song "Sweet Dreams" musically and then vocals come out.    Xylophones begin to play the scales and then a sax comes in to make it smoov.    There is a break from the singing, but it comes back and then it begins to get slowed down in what the kids called "screwed" but is a term I still don't like to use.   Has anyone used this effect at the end of a cassette yet?   Too bad my batteries couldn't be effected because I am generally plugged in.   The end of Side A has spoken words and a general post apocalypse feel to it.

On the flip side we begin with an audio clip about how this person is over-educated or under-skilled or maybe the reverse but can't seem to find a job.    I find this to be most revelant right now because I am working a job which I am way overqualified for and making way too little money at.    (I make minimum wage and am pretty sure most of my managers never even went to college unless it was to recruit drop outs)   Deeper trance loops bring out more screwed vocals and then back and forth beeps.     That Rush type of synth brings out a big beats explosion.

This cassette should serve as proof that no matter when or how you listen to The Editor there will be something which you can relate to within the music.  It's not just about the electronic beats, but it is also largely about how they make you feel and the places which they can take you.   The Editor never disappoints and this among my favorite releases by him.

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