Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Record Review: Primitive Calculators (Emotional Response Records)

[$6.50 //]

What is a Primitive Calculator?  Is it an abbacus?   I don't know but this band has been around for a long time and there bio says something about Nick Cave but none of that really matters.   You just have to hear these two songs and, sadly, they are the only two songs (no bonus download tracks here)

The first song is called "I'm Fucked" and it has big, heavy distorted bass.   It's got that dance electro vibe but also the vocals are rather unique.   It's somewhere between Gravity Kills and that band I heard once that had a song where the singer made fun of movies and their name was something about "the left".   [Editor's Note: They're called Future of the Left and I found them by googling "Robocop 4 lyrics", so there you go]

On the other side we have a song called "Bad".   It's a loud back and forth that can be somewhere between The B-52's and Sex Pistols.   There is even a bit of glitch in here.   Laser blasts go along with the words and it's just a lot of fun.   I'm fairly certain he says "get fucked" a lot, but also, he kind of does the chorus in the same style as Michael Jackson's "Bad" but I can't find anything that says this is a straight up cover so it's probably not enough to be sued.

This one hits loud and it hits hard.   You really don't need a better reason to play it.   But if you want to feel defiant, he does drop a lot of f-bombs, so you should try that out as well if you're going through some teenage rebellion or whatever.   I feel like I've been listening to this type of music in some form since my teenage years- those "Broken" songs of Nine Inch Nails, up until Bloody Knives and Dana Fowler And The right now- and yet there doesn't seem to be a good genre name for it, but hey, just keep making music in this genre and I will keep listening to it with the volume way up.

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