Friday, February 19, 2016

Cassette Review: Boys Age "Avians" (Grabbing Clouds Records and Tapes)

At some point in time, when I catch my breath, I need to sit down and make a good and accurate list of all of the artists who I have listened to and reviewed so many times that I'm done trying to count how many reviews I've done for each.   Lost Trail, German Army and Public Spreads the News come to mind right away, but I would also put Boys Age in that category and it seems like there is also this factor where you're never know what you're going to get with a new Boys Age release but you can bet it's going to be good.

From the psychedelic guitar riffs ala "Paint It Black" with those wah-wah effects to Gnarls Barkley funk rock I imagine that there is a band who sounds like this- or at least sounded like this once, maybe in the 1960's or 1970's- that I am simply unaware of but I bet Matthew Gray spins their vinyl.    It's not quite The James Gang but I think if we explore down similar lines we might find something else we never knew existed.   Or maybe not, who the hell really knows.

Sometimes this reminds me of Beck and sometimes the vocals can get pretty high pitched.   Side A ends with a dreamy instrumental lullaby type of song.    There are also elements of garage, such as with a toy piano being played, and then it gets somewhat surf and even The Doors come out before the end.   With all of that being said my best way to describe this might just be to imagine Lou Reed floating.

If you haven't picked up this cassette yet or any other music by Boys Age for that matter, I know you're not waiting for it to sell out so that you can buy it for more money on Discogs.  I mean, a lot of music I found out about after the fact and would have to buy second hand on Discogs now is music I wish someone had told me about when I could have bought it straight from the source.   And, well, here I am.  Telling you.   Now the rest is up to you.  

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