Friday, February 19, 2016

Cassette Review: Nice Breeze "Schroedinger's Cat's Grave" (DZ Tapes)

I'm not sure what to make of Nice Breeze based upon their name because it seems to imply some sort of glo-fi or chillwave and it's actually rather more towards the side of rock.   When I first press play I can hear distorted lo-fi.   It has this Motorhead meets Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right" feel and then I begin to think about Danzig.   And I think about punk.   The vocals seem more up front with the music in the back but it is also somewhat catchy.  Bits of L7 come out and there is this grinding drone but still with vocals and drums.

By the end of Side A it gets really psychedelic and reminds me of Mudhoney at the same time.   On the flip side we go into something somewhere between Iggy Pop, Fred Schneider and sort of metal even, such as Green Jelly- and, yes, I did have that one cassette of theirs with the cool music video from back when Mtv mattered.   It is also worth noting that the lyrics on here seem somewhat odd and even though I'd consider lyrics about kittens and sunshine "odd" in this case I simply mean that they are unconventional.

I feel like everyone likes a Nice Breeze.   It's just got that idea of sitting on a porch somewhere in the heat, perhaps in a rocking chair with a drink in hand, and the wind just blows on by you, helping you to feel cooled down.    It is worth noting that these instances do occur in the summer time but also they can occur just as easily after a hurricane.   That is actually one of the things I remember most about being in a hurricane- the feeling of the weather afterwards because it was no longer hot and humid but it just felt... nice.  

In that sense, you could think of Nice Breeze as not being the calm before the storm but rather that calm after the storm which no one seems to want to talk about.   But regardless of any comparisons or cliches your mind might wander to this just has that feeling of a band who could have been around in the 1970's and who could have plaed CBGB's at one point and, yet, they still seem to keep it modern just as well.   Definitely for fans of rock, punk and punk rock.    Coincidentally, what is with Schroedinger's Cat's Grave?  Is the cat in there or not?  Will we ever know?

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