Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cassette Review: Toymaker "There's A Ghost In These Walls" (ToskaTapes)

[$5 CAD // Edition of 50 // https://toskatapes.bandcamp.com/album/theres-a-ghost-in-these-walls]

Toymaker has a sound which could be called "screamo" but to me it is so much more.   Reminding me of bands ranging from You'll Live to Outline, it has that same appeal to me as something which could be currently released on Broken World Media or something released ten or twenty years ago on a hardcore label.   Oh, and yeah, my love of toys does draw me to this band based upon the name as well.

The songs hit hard and they have breakdowns of melody and complexity.    It's hard to pinpoint the sound because Toymaker isn't ripping anyone off but rather following a pattern others seem to follow and say "Yeah, I could do that" or "Yeah, we should sound like that" but between the vocals and musical parts the structure could appear similar on paper while the delivery is different (And it's all in the delivery)

Of course the lyrics are another large factor when listening to this cassette because they have that sense of what I like to call relatable poetry.   Lines such as "I learned something / I learned nothing / I'm a bad man" have that feeling where they could be a tattoo, which is quite the honor, but yet you don't have to feel like you went to college and majored in English to appreciate them the way a lot of actual poetry seems.

It just feels- to me- like they take this sort of ordinary idea, something maybe every day, and then it is turned into lyrics that are just so beautiful and poignant.   It is the true essence of meaningful lyrics to that extent that even I will admit that a lot of what is being conveyed is something I can relate with but is being worded better than I ever could imagine to try and do myself.     And that just could be the best way to describe Toymaker overall even because I am hesitant to see how many matches pop up on Bandcamp for the tag "screamo" but it is another somewhat ordinary facet that Toymaker has managed to take and make extraordinary.

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