Thursday, November 5, 2015

Yale Football Blog // Yale 7, Columbia 17 [Game 2]

[Official Recap:]

This was only the second home game for Yale this season and what's even more odd about it is that it has been a complete month since the Bulldogs last played at the Yale Bowl.   Four games have passed on the road and that has to be some sort of record for how long they have gone without playing a home game, right?   In that time, Yale football stand out Bo Hines has come back from injury only to be injured again and his teammates who we saw in the first game play so well, Candler Rich and Sebastian Little, are both out with injuries as well.

The only reason Yale was able to score in this game was because they ran a kick back for a touchdown. (Shout out to Jason Alessi, who we mistakenly thought was Morgan Roberts in the last game review)    That was somewhat lucky for them and they went into the half tied at 7, but for the second half it just felt like Yale didn't show up.   Few passes were completed and many times the ball just seemed to be thrown into the ground when the QB was not faced with a quarterback sack.    The Bulldogs also seemed to know they played not as themselves as they usually return to the field after the game to see their families and friends but this time they did not.    There was also no announcement over the loudspeaker of how you can go on the field after the game to meet the players, which I found odd.

We ended up going back up to the top entrance area where the players leave after the game.  We found this photo in the program with seven different key players in it, so we decided to try and get each of them to sign it.   We found Luke Longinotti first and he was really nice about it.   People with him took pictures as he signed for Quentin, who I was holding and held out the program for him.    When we approached Morgan Roberts he was in conversation with someone else and didn't seem like he wanted to be bothered, but he still signed his name over his picture.   I saw two of the other players we needed leave rather quickly after that and Candler Rich is in the photo and though he didn't play I think I still saw him but wasn't able to catch him.    So for the next game (Which they hopefully win) we will likely be looking for a solid five players to sign this photo collage.

Quentin did, however, get to see his new favorite player: Kyle Mullen.   When we were walking around and I was carrying Quentin he pointed to him and told me he wanted to go see him so we did.    Hey, the defense didn't actually play that badly today it was the lack of offense which had them beat.   Then Quentin also went over to see Quintin Herbert, who he took a picture with, because we had to have this conversation a week or so prior about how other people also have the name Quentin.  
The next home game comes just one week after this one (no four week break in between) and then there is a week where they are at Princeton and then back home again to end the season against Harvard.    That's it.   Three more weeks of games, two of them at home with the one away game in the middle.   I'm not sure what the Harvard game is going to be like because two years ago when they played Harvard at home it was crazy, so I'm going to try and get the five guys we need to sign the photo to do so after the next game.    On the plus side though, they didn't have that obnoxious music during this game.    Apparently someone decided that was a bad idea and didn't bring it back this game.  Good on them.

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