Monday, October 19, 2015

Toy Review: Wrestling Superstars

I mainly bought the first figure of these because he looked like the masked version of Kane.   When I got him home and took him out- along with the belt- I realized that these figures would be worth the $1 just for the Jakks-like belts.   Sometimes the Jakks belts were of a poor quality but these belts are actually rather sturdy and firm.   It's almost hard to tie them around the waist because of how stiff they are but that's the way that I like them.   Needless to say, Quentin has given the belts to various wrestlers so far including Alberto Del Rio and Roman Reigns.   

Aside from the Fake Kane, one wrestler has a Zorro type mask on, another looks like Ultimo Dragon only with tattoos, someone is unmasked with a ponytail and face paint and there is a red luchador I can't quite place but the blue one looks like Sin Cara.   Some of the figures on the package look more interesting but weren't available and are probably just one of those things where they put them on the card but never actually make them.   

There have certainly been a lot of bootleg wrestling figures over the years- going back to that classic Dude Love one- and I haven't always bought them all because they'd sometimes cost more than they were worth and when I downsized my wrestling collection years ago I also sold off a lot of them (including that Dude Love one) but the funny thing is they always seem to come back around and if only for the belts which are included here this set was totally worth it.  I'm not sure of the future of these bootlegs, though I have since gotten some other bootleg wrestling figures from grab bags at Savers, but Quentin will probably one day enjoy using them as jobbers or something.   Though they tend to fit with the size of WWE's smaller wrestlers such as Hornswoggle and El Torito so perhaps Kane needs to bring out a Mini-Kane like it was 1997 again.

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