Friday, October 30, 2015

Toy Review: Ant Man / Super Hero Mashers (Marvel)

For those not following along or inside my head, when I first saw this Ant Man Masher there were at least thirty of them on the pegs at Walmart-- I kid you not.  I decided to wait though because I was hoping to find him with Star Lord and Rocket Raccoon before my coupons expired, but then my coupons expired, Rocket and Star Lord were found and purchased at Target (not to be seen again, really) and so this left Ant Man up in the air as the many filled pegs at Walmart were depleted.    So when I saw this Ant Man finally come to Target he was on sale for $8.99 at the time.   I asked my son if he wanted him and when he said yes it was decided.

It is worth noting that since finding this Ant Man Masher, we have seen Nova, The Winter Soldier and Daredevil at Walgreens for $12.99 each.   However, we will wait to buy any of those until they make it to Walmart or Target and when they do, they will most likely be put away for Christmas presents, so as such this might be the last Masher I review in 2015.   (My son also has "Star Wars Mashers" on his Christmas list, so we'll see what pops up there)   What was funny was that at Walgreens my son saw the Masher for Hobgoblin and really wanted him as well, so who knows what next year will hold for Mashers for us or if I'll be able to review them all, but even if I don't write reviews I'll post photos to Tumblr.

I remember Ant Man most as being a member of the Avengers because for whatever reason he always seemed to go with Wasp.   But at the same time, I remember Ant Man because his super power (more or less) is getting really small.   In the DC Universe, The Atom is the character who can shrink down in size, and so I always kind of have those characters in the back of my mind for some reason-- the Marvel and DC characters who resemble each other-- and I think it's maybe just so I can remember who goes with Marvel and who goes with DC.     We still haven't seen the Paul Rudd movie but when it comes out on DVD we definitely will, hopefully through a free Redbox rental.    But we did just recently watch "Avengers: Age of Ultron" and that was solid.

So how do you make a Masher of a character who basically shrinks down in size?   I remember the old Justice League Unlimited figures had The Atom come with a smaller version of himself, which was cool but I always felt like I was going to lose that tiny Atom.   So I guess with Ant Man you just have to pretend.   He comes with some ants which you can stick on him (or other Mashers) but that's about it.    Do you remember all the way back to when I reviewed the first Marvel Mashers and I said Captain America had this face coming out of his mask that reminded me of the professional wrestler The Sandman?  (Or was it Wolverine? Iron Fist?)  Well, for whatever reason the skin you can see on this figure reminds me of WWE superstar so do with that what you will.

If Ant Man wasn't currently involved in a Marvel movie for the big screen I doubt he'd have this Masher out there.   In that sense, this Masher is kind of cool because Ant Man is one of the lesser known/lesser liked types where a small amount of people might want him this way but for the majority of kids out there they'd never care about this Masher if not for the movie.   I like that I can put him with the Avengers and that it serves as a toy that can go with our existing and growing Mashers collection and also be the one toy we get based on the movie so that way when we finally watch it my son will have this toy of Ant Man to go with it.  (When we watched "Age of Ultron" he pulled out all his Mashers accordingly) In some ways I feel like that's the point of the Mashers line- to create alternatives to the Marvel Legends for the kids- but if they made a version of Ant Man in the way DC has their Imaginext line then that would go perfect with this Masher as the tiny Ant Man wouldn't it?   It'd be close enough for me.  

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