Friday, October 23, 2015

Cassette Review: Hey Exit "Anura" (Lurker Bias)

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The way I listened to these three releases by Hey Exit was "Else" first (cassette) then the 7" and then this one third.    It doesn't matter what order you listen to them in, I suppose, as whatever you do it's going to kind of help you to know what's coming on the next release after listening to either one or two of them and then going for the last one or two.    Mainly, after listening to the 7" before this cassette I can see the similarities though they are mostly in tone and design rather than these songs sounding exactly like the other songs.

Between ambient and static noise comes "Anura", which often tries to add chaos to the beauty.   From guitar ringing to scratchy electronics these are mostly guitar pieces with other sounds mixed in, sometimes for pleasure and sometimes for pain.   As much as these ominous tones can come out in a rather serious sense there can also exist a sense of horror within these songs, as if this cassette itself is haunted.    Pieces of the songs remind me of the distortion filled pieces of "In Utero" while acoustic guitar strings can also be plucked in the most delicate manner.    I believe it was the band Bayside who has a line to the extent of "from confidence to self doubt in sixty seconds" and I feel a lot of that within these songs, just the spectrum in which they engage.

"Anura" ends with a cover of "Puppies" by 7 Year Rabbit Cycle and, yes, that does even come complete with singing.    I feel like that song- the last sort of new song I'm hearing from Hey Exit until there are more- was a nice way to go out so if you do choose to listen to all of the music by Hey Exit (and, of course, I think you should) then this could be the one you listen to last just for a similar experience.    But overall the best way to describe Hey Exit is something along the lines of beautiful madness and that's really one of the best things you can hear in music because I can just relate to that so much in real life.

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