Friday, September 4, 2015

Toy Review: WWE Series 50 Adam Rose (Mattel)

Out of the figures in Series 50 Adam Rose has to be my favorite if only because of the character himself.   I wasn't watching NXT when Adam Rose was portraying Leo Kruger, but I have gone back and seen some of those episodes.   It's always funny to me when people say that Adam Rose should turn back into Leo Kruger because even though WWE and NXT are related you don't hear that as much with people saying Sami Zayn should put his mask back on.    Imagine back in the day having someone say they'd want Kane to turn back into a dentist or The Undertaker into one of his pre-Undertaker gimmicks.   Before the internet it was unheard of (Even imagine people wanting Papa Shango back) but now people are going to do it and I don't think Adam Rose at this point is going to get so much of a gimmick overhaul that they change his name.

The first Adam Rose gimmick was a lot of fun because it was party time all the time.   I was very interested to see what was going to happen with Adam Rose and the Exotic Express and, of course, who could forget The Bunny.  Umm.  WWE.  WWE could forget The Bunny because they did.  Rather than have any sort of pay off for that angle, they just dropped it.   Imagine Adam Rose going plain psycho on The Bunny (which he did to an extent) and just becoming this massive heel because of it.   Imagine The Bunny taking his costume off and revealing himself to be some other wrestlers (Let's say... Jason Jordan because why not) and then Adam Rose getting into this heated feud, saying every time he sees Jason Jordan all he can think of is that damn bunny.

Something like that could have been a career making feud for Adam Rose.    But WWE dropped the ball, which they sometimes do.   And then Adam Rose was paired up with Rosa and they liked to rub noses on Main Event and Superstars.  It was disgusting but it drew good heel heat.    And now Adam Rose is on his own, which is an all right place to be.    But does anyone else feel like the tag team division in WWE is already growing stale?   How long has it been that the main tag teams are New Day, Prime Time Players, Lucha Dragons, Ascension and Los Matadores?   Sure, the Usos will be back eventually, but I still believe that an Adam Rose and Fandango tag team ala New Age Outlaws would be great for both of their careers.   (Saddled with campy gimmicks and then they become serious ass kickers)

In any event, we have this most excellent Adam Rose figure.   He has more roses on the back of his tights than he does on the front, which is weird to see that much detail back there, but it makes him that much cooler.   This is one of those figures I want to take out with me and take pictures of him doing things in real life, telling people not to be a lemon and all of that.   He's a great addition to the growing collection of NXT alumni and, well, an Elite is already in the works with prototypes at Ringside Collectibles.   The look of the Elite is going to be in a different color scheme, have a vest, hat, glasses and lollipop necklace.    He also has more hair on his chin than the Basic here, so the Elite might be something I have to get as well.

With these three superstars we picked up in Series 50, it's kind of strange to think how much potential they have and yet how much direction they lack.   Sami Zayn has an uncertain future due to injuries (What will become of him when he returns?) and Summer Rae will likely go into another meaningless role but clearly Adam Rose should have held the Intercontinental or U.S. Title by now.    Having him as a heel champion of the midcard could only be to the benefit of WWE but alas, I just sit back and watch him lose the same match nearly every week.

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