Friday, September 4, 2015

Top 10 Imaginext DC Super Heroes Wants

I'm not sure if the Imaginext line is creating new characters or not since it tends to recycle the characters- put them out for a while, then seemingly go without them, then bring them back again- but I really hope that if they have not yet talked about it they will get some discussion moving forward simply because of all of the characters I feel are still available to make in Imaginext form and are appealing to children and adult collectors alike.   Remember, parents are buying these for their children.   I'm also somewhat certain that the Ra's Al Ghul figure in the Solomon Grundy pack at Target is a new character.

Please Note: This list is not in any sort of order, so as to say I want the number one pick more than anyone else and so on.  

1) Birds of Prey - This seems like such a no-brainer and I feel like it's something I can see so clearly in my mind that it should have already been created by now.   Much like how other characters come with playsets- Joker and his Fun House for example- I would like to see the Birds of Prey as a playset so they can be in their headquarters/hideout.  Huntress is the sort of character that everyone should have in their collection regardless but Black Canary seems like someone who should be in Imaginext form simply because Green Arrow is.    The DC Imaginext line has a startling number of women compared to men and other such aliens, so what better way to represent girl power than to start with this set of three powerful women.   Oracle would have her computer to sit at and while I realize that the wheel chair might be a bit much for some children to fully grasp the setting of this play set would be the best way to introduce it.   Needless to say, there should also be a Batgirl Imaginext figure out there by now, but again, it's all about the lack of women in this Imaginext line I'd say.

2) Supergirl - Sticking with the idea of there not being enough women in the Imaginext DC line (or perhaps Imaginext in general) and given that she will have a show in the fall on CBS, why wouldn't this be the perfect time to release a Supergirl figure?   Stick a cape on Wonder Woman and there you go.   This shouldn't be that hard to make since they have all of the parts already and it's just a matter of the proper painting.   I'm not going to tell you how to release Supergirl but in a two pack with one of these other suggestions of mine or simply with another Superman would even pass for me.   Yes, I would pay $7.99 for yet another Superman if it meant also getting Supergirl.

3) Zatanna - Perhaps a fit for a two pack with Sueprgirl, she has always been one of my favorites from the "Justice League Unlimited" cartoon series and, yes, I will draw a lot of my DC influence from there.   You already have the female body mold ready the hard part here might be getting the hat onto her but that should be molded easily enough because it's just a version of The Penguin's hat, for example, and so why wouldn't you be able to make it?   This would be an excellent figure in general, yes, but it would also enhance the girl power within the Imaginext line which it so desperately needs.   Getting girls to play with Imaginext would be helpful here and don't think boys don't want to play with the "girls toys" because my son loves Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Wonder Woman.

4) Dr. Fate - When I was a kid I had a Dr. Fate action figure and for some reason the character always stuck with me.  I obviously purchased his JLU action figure as well, back when that came out, but I've even bought comic books based upon this character simply because of my love for him as an action figure as a child.   Yellow and blue is the only way to do this and it better be the brightest of yellows and blues as well.

5) Steppenwolf - A similar story to Dr. Fate except I still have the original Steppenwolf figure from when I was a kid.  It's one of the few toys I still have from my childhood.    I realize that there is this green version of Steppenwolf out there that was in the DC line with the red one- I don't recall which one was the variant- but the only way to make Steppenwolf would be in the red, black and brown.   A small yet shiny battle axe would also be in order as an accessory and if this was to be made it could quite possibly become one of my favorite all-time action figures.   He doesn't need to be too complex- just paint his spikes on if you don't want to get too fancy or worry about children poking their eyes out.   And, yes, Steppenwolf in a two pack with Dr. Fate would be the sort of thing dreams are made of for me.  

6) Teen Titans - We already have Robin and Cyborg, so why not the rest of the Teen Titans?  Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire and Terra all seem like they'd make for great additions to the line.   Beast Boy and Terra could be packed together as could Raven and Starfire.   Or for all I care you could do a multi-figure boxed set and force me to buy another Robin and/or Cyborg.  I'm not even going to be mad about that- especially if those two become slightly altered to fit into the Titans.   I just really want a Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire and, yes, even Terra.   Don't the Teen Titans have that "Teen Titans Go!" show still?   That should be a good reason enough for the merchandise tie-in right there.  

7) Shazam! - This would kind of be like a Superman repaint in some ways but I feel like Shazam is just too strong of a character to not already have in the Imaginext line.    Call him Captain Marvel for all I care, but just put him in his red outfit, yellow trim and white cape like his Super Powers Collection aciton figure from before the turn of the century.  

8) Vigilante - Perhaps the greatest part about Vigilante is that even if kids don't know who he is (or care) they can still play with him and want him based upon the fact that he looks like a cowboy.   Yes, I want him as his JLU action figure looked and why he has not been made yet is beyond me because he's one of my favorites but also just so easily shouts of mass appeal just as well.  

9) The Question - The tricky part about making The Question is giving him a lack of face but that should be easy (and cost saving) enough, right?  Put him in a two pack with Vigilante and it will be highly sought after for sure.    The Question has been one of those characters that, like Vigilante, has stayed with me since the JLU days and will continue to stay with me for whatever reason so why not put him in this line with everyone else?

10) Gypsy - If you thought I was going to get through this list without mentioning the character who was voted into a Fan Favorite set of JLU figures then you were wrong.  Right now, with my list here, the only way I could see Gypsy come out is in a two pack with Shazam! (stranger things have happened) but whoever she comes with or if Imaginext decided upon another set based upon popular demand and included her I'd be stoked.   I just want a Gypsy in this form and don't feel like she'd be that difficult to make as well just keeping with my theme of needing female characters as well.   

For all of the characters in the DC Universe it seems like there really should be more Imaginext characters out there and, yes, I realize I am typing this from a series that brought us both Plastic Man and Red Tornado.    But just think of all the names not on this list of ten (Which to be fair is actually more than ten characters)   Booster Gold comes to mind right off (Sorry, buddy) and if for some reason Imaginext ever decided they wanted to give kids nightmares or really just appeal to the older collector, there is always Watchmen, Constantine, Swamp Thing, Sinestro and just so many more out there to choose from.   I'd just like to see some fresh faces in this line and I think it is within reach for all parties to accomplish for the greater good of us all.  

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