Friday, September 4, 2015

MP3 Review: SNAFU "Present Day Plague"

One of the first punk bands I got into that wasn't really part of some big scene was SNFU.   Of course this band is called SNAFU and it is one letter off but I was still thinking this might sound similar but it does not.   So only that single letter will have me confusing those two bands which is not that big of a deal in the long run.   I'm not even sure SNFU is still a band so they won't have to potentially play a show together or something equally confusing.

The sound of SNAFU is heavy punk.   It's hardcore but there are just such killer guitar riffs in here as well.   With hardcore breakdowns it can sound like anything from Between the Buried and Me to Snapcase.   There is screaming and there are also some slower metal riffs but for the most part this has that fast paced punk vibe to it.   In some ways it also reminds me a lot of Toxic Narcotic, though in all fairness SNAFU reminds me more of a time period in music than any specific band.

Back in the 1990's I remember the sound of Victory Records well because that was- and remains- my favorite time for them to release music.   As I was getting into the Victory Records bands such as Cause For Alarm, Shut Down and Warzone I also began listening to Go-Kart Records somehow and they had some flat out punk bands but also some of these punk bands with hardcore roots.   So, for me, SNAFU represents something closer to that time in music- when punk and hardcore were just that good- more than anything else and boy do I love it.

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