Friday, September 4, 2015

Cassette Review: Pelvis Lesly "Pelvis Lesly" (Sweet Sounds Records)

[$5 // Edition of 10 //]

The music of Pelvis Lesly is some of the most interesting music I have ever heard.   On the surface, Pelvis Lesly rocks out with fuzz-laced garage type psychedelic rock n roll.   This might seem like a string of genres/labels you see often enough, but you've not heard it the same way that Pelvis Lesly delivers it before.    For one thing, there are feelings of electronics within these songs and they also can remind me of Violent Femmes which is something that seems completely out of left field and yet totally works for these groovy tunes.

Someone once said that children are defined by their innocence.   Think about the very fact that there was once a time when you might have understood the difference between right and wrong but didn't know that you could actually do wrong and then lie about it.    If nothing else, you have to respect children for their blunt honesty even if it does sometimes yield inappropriate results.    In this particular instance, I was listening to this cassette by Pelvis Lesly- and not for the first time either- and my three year old son came running into the room, started dancing and told me "I like this song".    As you have likely clicked here to read what I had to say, let me assure you that if *my* words are not enough for you then take it from the mouth of innocence.

While I wish more bands had the same level of interest to me as Pelvis Lesly does, the fact is I could name far too many other bands who have a similar sound, complete with those Gadjits-like organs coming through as well, but I just don't like them.    From influences of Wheatus to Schatzi I do believe that one of the contributing factors to this being so well put together is that each song has its own personality rather than the standard which seemed to be set by bands on Burger Records where every song had to sound the same so as to not make any of them better or worse.

Don't think of this as being "garage" or "psych" or even "fuzz" because while those genres can all have bands of various levels of talent, the music created by Pelvis Lesly is simply not that one dimensional.   You never know when you might hear something you'll think of as being out of a video game or a space laser.    From island feels to those of The Beans, these songs can be loud and keep you on your toes for the duration.    If you've ever wondered what makes a good band great, Pelvis Lesly is your prime example.   Without all of these "extras" Pelvis Lesly is still better than a lot of bands out there today and with them, well, they're nearly untouchable.

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