Wednesday, July 15, 2015

MP3 Review: White Poppy "Natural Phenomena" (Not Not Fun Records)

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When I first heard White Poppy back in 2013 I knew this project was going to be something special but I never expected it to become this special.   "Drifters Gold" opened my ears to a world I never dreamt possible.    Then last year, a little over a year ago now, I heard the follow up album which was the "s/t" release by White Poppy and was in no way disappointed.   I've long subscribed to the Charles Bukowski theory that your newest release must be your best or else why else make it and while I knew that it'd be hard for White Poppy to outdo "Drifters Gold" I thought it would be damn near impossible to top last year's "s/t" album but somehow WP has gone above and beyond anything I could have ever expected here.

The first song has this "Lion King" feel to it with strings and jungle drums, loud whistles birds might make and then the vocals come in all whispery and I am immediately hooked.    Through synth-like lightsabers or bug zappers (but in a light way), lasers and just a whole lot else going on this should have you believing by the end of the first song.   You know... If you haven't listened to me all of the times before this that I said you should be listening to White Poppy.    But not all of the songs have vocals.   In fact, I'd say that there are more instrumental parts to this album than vocals but with that I am also fine.

From fuzzy riffs and psych/garage organs to FNL and ambient sounds overall, White Poppy also takes us through a distorted Oriental feel and I'm just overall enjoying the mere fact that this even exists because I simply cannot fathom how I like this the most of all the White Poppy albums I have but I really do.   People often assume words like "ambient" and "instrumental" mean that music is boring, but there is simply more going on within these songs than the most complicated of math rock that you've likely ever heard.   I'm just not sure how this is even possible still, as I've heard these sounds similarly before but not with this delivery.

I saw a meme the other day about the first person who fell asleep and probably thought he was dying, but my best way to describe how I feel about this is simply to think back to the first person to ever use something like same day delivery from the post office.    Imagine living in a world where you get your mail in however long it takes and that can mean any time from two to three days to two to three months.  

      Now if you're planning it on in your head when something you sent will arrive, imagine me telling you that it could get there within the same day.    Hey, and email is instant, so people who had telegrams and carrier pigeons back in the day would probably be thinking about the Internet the same way I'm feeling about this album right now.

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