Wednesday, July 15, 2015

SBSR: liab "antyfala L8R"

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<1> "tramwaj" -   Right away it sounds as if someone is near the highway, as the sounds of cars passing by at high speeds can be heard.  I hear this dinging noise that sounds like what happens when you open your car door or leave it open-- it's just some kind of car sound and it makes me feel like someone has pulled over on the highway and is getting out of the car for some reason and getting gas comes to my mind first.     I can also hear that sound of the car door opening and there is a sharpness I can't quite place, then a tone that is perhaps the notification of a text message.   Someone is on the move and I'm not sure why but my mind thinks this person is a hired killer.   Birds can be heard chirping- lots of them- and this track comes to an end.

<2> "antyfala L8R a" -  The second track opens with a decent beat and I begin to bring about my ideas of killers for hire because of the theme for the television series "Alias".   A full on drum machine beat is present now, with the bass and a tom being hit, and there is this dinging with them that may or may not have been in the first track but it sounds kind of like when Mario smashes bricks and gets coins so should I call this 8bit?   Another tone enters as a pattern forms and we have a full on electronica song now, which I'm really enjoying.   I just want to put this one on in my car and drive wherever it takes me when it ends.   Run, Lola, Run.   It has this Michael Jackson vibe to it- where I expect it to break out into "Thriller" at any given moment- and then another sound comes in on repeat and this one is closer to a bell clanking but I still can't quite fully describe it.   Pieces of the song are stripped away one at a time until there are fairly quiet synth whirrs only.   The beats return once more and this reminds me of the music that people think you could make by simply pushing a single button on a computer but I know to be much more complex because I've tried to do it and failed.

<3> "antyfala L8R b" -  Up next we have beats and perhaps a shaker of some sort (It's all percussion, baby) and they come through in start and stop waves.   Some synth tones follow and this has turned into some kind of dance floor sound.   It's like Makeup and Vanity Set or something from that idea of electronics but it's chopped up, as if being played back through the guise of a fan.  It loops, but only so much as a loop that is being manipulated can.   The shaker feels like we're slipping and there are these other sort of space sounds going on and then it all goes quiet for a bit before the beats return.   This does have a similar feel to the previous song there are just some added elements to it, particularly the manipulation.   Different sounds come in now nearing the end, but the same overall idea remains and this is just another prime example of great music I could never make (and not for a lack of trying) and just thoroughly enjoy.

<4> "B4 1997 a" -  Cymbal rides and something being hit that sounds like electronic dogs barking comes in next.  Electronic claps and I believe someone shares my love of the drum machine.    The beats are getting funky now and on the two songs before this you could tell there was a drum machine at play but this time the drums have more of a live kit soudn to them.    Dreamy tones come through in a way that makes me think this is going into something with soul, perhaps some instrumental hip hop even.   Could this be borderline vaporwave now?  I haven't listened to vaporwave in so long.  It's down to just the cymbal rides and the dreamy tones and then the cymbal rides go away before it all builds back up again.   Some static type synth is coming through now in the way that a bug zapper might sound but it's all still keeping the rhythm and keeping the beat.   This could even quite possibly be glo-fi.   Whatever you call it though, I'm impressed.   A nice little synth bass riff comes in at the end now.

<5> "B4 1997 b" -  The sound of plugging into the amp and now a steady snare drum.  Bap. Bap. Bap. Bap.  Other drums join in now for that overall percussion feel but this one is less electronic- at least right now- and feels a bit more like it should be something behind a hip hop artist.   Claps come back and I'm dancing as I type this.   Some of that dreamy synth returns and there are sonar beeps behind this all to give it that feel that reminds me of the previous song but not entirely.   It slows down to nothing but the dreamy synth and then nothing at all before picking the beat back up.   If not glo-fi at this point it definitely has some kind of bliss in its description.   A little bit of funk in now near the end again and this seems to become a pattern for liab.    Dreamy synth tones wind things down and then there is one last hurrah for the drum beats before some static skips and beeps end the song.

<6> "poko" -  Here we have some sort of note progression that could be bass or synth and it goes in fives then loops with some steady beats behind it.   It's just that doo-doo-doo-doo-doo sound on a loop with some beats accompanying it but it is a nice outro that provides no real new information about that intro.

So this is six tracks from liab but is really an intro, an outro and then the four songs in between.   Each song seems to follow a pattern where it starts with one element, builds upon it, strips it back down to a single element (one by one), then becomes nothing only to come back with all of the elements of sound right back into place.   This also tends to have a random and new element thrown into the mix by the end of the song but I don't think there is any harm in more than one of the songs doing this because look at how many songs are verse/chorus/verse.

Something different from liab here that is not on cassette (Though I'd like to hear liab on every form of media eventually) and it just leaves me wondering what will come next because at this point it feels like it could be just about anything and with that I am fine.

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