Wednesday, July 15, 2015

MP3 Reviews: the transcendents "Lay Where You Collapse EP"

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"Lay Where You Collapse EP"- or "How I Fall Asleep Every Night"- is a collection of four different songs that start off with a bang and slow down to a crawl by the end.   The first song has speaking through distortion, audio clips, pianos, guitars and all that and I like to think of it as spoken word piano punk.    But after that, the songs slow down a little bit each time.   There is some Lou Reed mixed with chilling/Incredible Hulk pianos, Elvis Costello, acoustic guitars and apparently their thing is audio clips.

I'm curious how a full length album for the transcendents would sound because if you think that their first song comes in like a 10, then it would go down to an 8, 6 and then 4 by the end.   Would a full length have them so slowed down by the end of it that they were barely doing anything, plucking only one note an hour?   Or would the pace fall down but during the middle of the album or so get picked back up?   I definitely like the first song on here because it has a lot of energy and is just fun in a way I've not heard before, but the last three- although different from the first- are still lovely acoustic numbers so I guess no matter what the transcendents do from here on out I'll be listening.

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