Friday, June 26, 2015

MP3 Review: Juleah "Melt Inside The Sun"

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I felt it important to look into who was making this music exactly, as the name could be like "Julia" and makes me think of a single person and this is in fact a one woman show which just makes it that much more amazing.   The songs have this sort of folk/Americana/western feel to them at times but this is also coupled with as much psychedelic trippiness that could imagine to make it just such a great experience.    I have it at somewhere between Neil Young and Cream with elements of Robin Kirby and Janis Joplin.   Then there can be a track, such as the third, which just sort of serves as a banjo laced interlude.

There is an element of talking/storytelling in the delivery of the songs themselves and it also reminds me of a combination of Dead Sara and classic rock somehow.     Overall I feel like the songs have a good gypsy representation to them as well, as she sings a bit about travelling and though it is hard to explain how music can feel as such it just has ths wandering quality to it.    Some music can feel like it's just sitting still in one place, but Juleah has definitely perfected the fine art of making her music feel as if it is moving.

I could throw out other comparisons here such as Cowboy Junkies, but if you've ever felt lost in the desert or just like you should never stop moving then this is a trip that you should take.    It is available both on a CD and record if you click the Bandcamp link above and though records have never been very portable (possibly why cassettes came into existence) I do believe that this would be best experienced on vinyl.   I'm certainly into this one and feel like you would be hooked from the first note just as easily.

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