Friday, June 26, 2015

MP3 Review: The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records VA "Got That Feeling" A Tribute to Skywave

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I can only imagine that the first time I heard about The Blog That Celebrates Itself was from their release of A Tribute To Cocteau Twins back in 2013 because it has artists I love on it such as Suzy Blu, [aftersun] and Screen Vinyl Image.   Well, TBTCI has released other tribute albums including but not limited to the likes of David Bowie, Ride and Brian Jonestown Massacre.    The best part about these albums of course is that they work on so many different levels and as such they can become quite addicting but also- depending upon what you do and don't know- expand your musical horizons.

This most recent tribute to Skywave for instance is a band you might not have heard of (David Bowie is universal, Skywave maybe not so much)   So if you've never heard a single Skywave song before, perhaps this will open you up to their music.   If you have heard of and enjoy Skywave then there is no excuse for you to not be listening to this, but also you can just be happy that you're hearing these songs by Skywave covered by some amazing musicians.   And I touched upon the idea of it not being important when you find a band so long as you find them in my T. Rex Tribute review.

With bands such as Screen Vinyl Image, A Place To Bury Strangers and Static Daydream (who I have an album to review for in the tank) you know you can't go wrong and as such if you've never heard any of these contributing bands before now is your chance to get a sampling of them as well and then hopefully go off and listen to/buy all of their music also.

This is just one of those concepts that I feel is beneficial to all involved because if you've never heard any of these artists before and you download this album for free, you're opening yourself up to listen to a whole lot of good music in the near future.    Whether it be one or twenty bands you find from this, I just hope it does help your musical horizons to broaden at least a little and as long as TBTCI continues to put out these amazing tributes I will be there listening along.

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